Techzen provides diverse software solutions to many domestic and foreign customers. Currently focusing mainly on 3 markets: Japan, China and Vietnam. With a team of experienced staff and highly specialized knowledge, we are committed to providing customers with good quality software products that meet the technical requirements, stability and security of the product. Besides, we ensure quick and on-schedule project completion, helping customers save time and costs. With dedicated professionals, we believe we will meet customer’s requirements, especially the Japanese market – one of the most demanding and high-quality requirement markets in the world.

What can we do?
  • Diverse software solutions
    • Sales management, factory operation management and customer file management on web service platform
    • Apply geographic maps to the management system (google map, Map box, etc.)
    • Internal human resources management system on the WinForms platform
    • Deploy cross-platform systems using PWA technology
  • Product security
    • The security room is specifically prepared to meet the requirements from Japanese customers
    • Monthly security checking and reporting
    • Strictly control the sources of data access within the company
  • Quality supervisors
    • There is a professional QC team to monitor output products
    • There are Japanese-speaking QC to meet the needs of software testing from the Japanese market
Systems we have done

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