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What does Techzen mean?

The “zen” in Techzen is taken from a Japanese Buddhist word “Zen”. Zen can be paraphrased by another word, Japanese “heart”.

We believe that the appeal and strength of Japanese culture and companies lies in “sincerity,” “hospitality,” and ” the power to carry on”.

This culture is based on the Theory of Good Human Nature those values “the others” and “customers.” In Japan, this is not something that is particularly taught, but rather it is a common sense and value that is naturally instilled in the society. For this reason, I think that most of the products and services produced by Japanese companies are of very high quality, carefully considered down to the smallest detail, very comfortable, and can be used for a long time. We understand that the strength of Japan lies in this Zen “heart,” and we would like to embed this spirit “Hospitality with Heart” in Techzen’s Corporate culture and spirit.

Challenge of Techzen

Vietnam, meanwhile, is brimming with youthful energy. And Techzen, in particular, is a start-up company, to us every day is a challenge. Techzen has built products and services that relate to internal management systems, and we advocate leveraging internal resources to experience the products. At the same time, we aimed to further develop products and services that meet the needs of external units. This will be a challenge to see if we can make it a successful business.

Techzen’s unique features

Techzen is an IT company specializing in software development that operates according to Agile methodology (building an open and excellent organization). Techzen is the combination of Japanese’s “Zen” culture and Vietnamese young talent who are willing to take on any challenge and move forward.

Techzen aims to be an innovator company that operates, manages and creates new products and services based on Agile method.

Why choose us?


  • Management

    Young, enthusiastic human resources

    With a young and talented team, Techzen is ready to prove our value through practical products delivered to customers. We are dedicated, professional, and committed to providing the best experience for our customers.

  • Business Building

    Japanese standard, culture, and working style

    Techzen is built according to Japanese standards, ensuring the products delivered exceed customer expectations. Our company has a team with extensive living and working experience in Japan. We deeply understand the culture and workplace etiquette of the Japanese market, allowing us to promptly respond to the challenges and desires of our customers.

  • Best Seller

    High-quality products that reach international standards

    Techzen’s products are operated and used in multiple markets, receiving strong support and high recognition from international market. This serves as evidence of the professionalism and quality of our products.


The company specializes in providing comprehensive software solutions to customers, including software development, testing, and software product exploitation. Additionally, our company is responsible for operating the StudyArts e-learning system, contributes to the digital innovation.

Develop Software

Maintain System

Operate System

Technology Solution


As we establish our position, we are looking for reliable partners and collaborators in the present and future.

  • Unitech
  • Unisoft
  • Dai Lien
  • Thu Dau Mot
  • Adsol
  • Unitech
  • Unisoft
  • Dai Lien
  • Thu Dau Mot
  • Adsol

Outstanding projects

Business Management System

Studyarts – Online education support system

Telecommunications Service Provision System

Skincare services


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