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What is IT? Detailed job description of the IT profession

IT – Information Technology – is one of the high-paying professions today. This is also a profession that is in high demand for human resources. So, what is an IT career? How detailed is the IT job description? Techzen will answer for you in the article below.

What is an IT career?

IT – Information Technology – is a group of information technology industries in the engineering industry, using software tools and computers to protect and store data.

The first concept of IT profession was information technology, which appeared in Vietnam in 1993. At this time, IT was understood to mean “the collection of the most scientific means, tools and methods to exploit. , using resources efficiently, performed mainly on computer tools and computer software”.

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nghe it la gi
IT profession is a group of information technology industries

Job Description of IT

IT profession is divided into 2 main categories: Software IT and Hardware IT.

Hardware IT Job Description

For the hardware/network IT profession, there will be the following tasks:

  • Responsible for installation and repair of machines and stations in the network.
  • Responsible for peripheral devices such as routers, printers, etc.
  • Ensure the computer’s hardware is operating stably such as mouse, keyboard, monitor, hard drive, etc.
  • Set up and configure each version of the computer according to technical standards.
  • Build and maintain effective local area network operation.
  • Ensure the security of the network and computer systems of the enterprise.
  • Educate users on how new software and computer equipment should work if required.
  • Schedule upgrades, maintenance, and maintenance of the system so as not to affect the work and progress of other personnel.
  • Check, diagnose, repair and troubleshoot related problems.
  • Monitor and record equipment maintenance and repair history.

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Job Description Software IT

For the software IT profession, there will be the following tasks:

  • Install, maintain, upgrade systems, other data management systems such as backup, configuration synchronization, database recovery, ..
  • Maintain, repair, upgrade, develop reports on the enterprise website system, applications, other management software of the enterprise
  • Participate in technical evaluation, provide solutions for partners
  • Research technology, structure, applicability of new software, develop automated applications for business or work related to business and production activities of enterprises.
  • Participate in technical support and management of websites for companies and businesses
  • Instructions for users on using the system, using the software

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nghề it là gì code trong it
Nghề IT được chia làm 2 loại chính là IT phần mềm và IT phần cứng

Skills required to accelerate in IT career

To be competitive in this field, you’ll need to equip yourself with some of the skills needed for an IT career.

You can refer to some of the skills that Techzen has summed up and is necessary for the IT profession below:

Advanced skill

Not only for IT profession, but any profession you need to have professional skills first.

For the IT profession, professional skills are even more difficult because IT has many different fields. Therefore, before equipping skills, you should choose a suitable IT career, for example:

  • For the Mobile segment: It is necessary to be equipped with knowledge about operating systems available on the market such as iOS, Android, .. For this segment, you will have to write software and applications that run on mobile platforms. for users..
  • Website segment: Need to be equipped with specialized knowledge of languages and techniques to set up and upgrade websites, …
  • Embedded array: These are jobs related to machines that have been written, pre-installed programs in machines such as televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

In addition, there will be other areas in the IT field for you to choose and equip with professional skills.

Other soft skills

In addition to professional skills, you will need to equip some other soft skills such as:

  • English skills: This is an environment where you often have to come into contact with code and specialized languages, so good English skills are indispensable.
  • Ability to develop existing algorithms. Research and data mining skills. Statistical modeling skills.
  • User interface design skills.
  • Need to be knowledgeable about technology, especially wireless technologies.
  • Project management and time management skills.
  • Security skills, this is also considered a minimum rule in the IT profession.
  • Other general networking skills.
  • You should also hone other skills such as communication skills, teamwork skills, etc.

Update IT staff recruitment situation in Vietnam

Recruitment situation

The overall situation of IT career recruitment in 2022 is less volatile than in other occupations. However, that does not mean that the IT profession will not be affected by the epidemic in 2022.

At the present time, despite being influenced by the general economy of the world, the demand for IT personnel still shows signs of strong growth.

Accordingly, the average salary shows signs of increasing and diverging more clearly when the supply is in serious shortage.

nghề it là gì với điện thoại máy tính xách tay
Nhu cầu về nhân sự cho nghề IT vẫn có dấu hiệu tăng trưởng mạnh

Average wage

Regarding the change as well as the stricter requirements for IT personnel, the salary for this position also has many significant changes. For more versatile and qualified IT employees, the salary has increased compared to before the Covid-19 pandemic by up to 20%. At the same time, the salary of ordinary employees in the IT profession tends to decrease to the average level of the industry

For example, there are a number of position levels such as:

  • Manager: From $2,970 to $5,719
  • Engineer: From $1.320 to $3.727
  • Developer: Từ $898 đến $1.693

In addition, other positions such as Tester, Support, etc. will have other salaries, most of which are lower than the salaries above.

(Statistical report “Vietnam IT Landscape 2020 – New opportunities of Vietnam IT industry before wave of investment”)

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