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Announce launching of “TechPoint” & Techzen homepage

On the afternoon of 19/06/2023, Techzen company officially launched and put into operation two new products: the Techpoint software and the Techzen website. These products were developed and built through an extensive process of development and implementation.


The software “Techpoint” is a system built to help employees recognize their dedication and contributions to the development of the company. With the function of calculating points based on the contribution criteria and the grain achieved each month. Techpoint promises to bring all Techzen employees a sense of enjoyment at work with “cute and attractive” gifts. Hopefully in the future, Techpoint will develop more new features, and that will create great motivation and effort for our staff.

Homepage “Techzen” is the official website of the company with detailed information about the main activities, working environment and products that Techzen has made. The website will help customers, colleagues, and friends learn more about many aspects of Techzen’s activities. Through that, we hope to become reliable partners for our customers.

Techzen – Good people make good products

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