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Digital jobs discussion_Techzen Company and CodeGym Danang Center

On the morning of December 5th, Mr. Le Duy Linh, CEO of Techzen, was honored to participate in a discussion session at CodeGym Danang Center about “Digital Jobs – A New Path for Workers” as a guest speaker.

This meaningful event aims to guide and support workers to enhance their knowledge and digital skills, seize new career opportunities, and keep pace with the 4.0 industrial revolution.

During the discussion session, Mr. Duy Linh, as an expert in the IT field, offered practical advice, guidance, and insight to help people who are seeking a career change in the IT field gain a broader perspective on the IT industry. He also engaged in a lively Q&A session directly with the young participants in attendance.

As a technology company that operates on agile principles and is known for its flexibility and continuous innovation, Techzen is actively open to partnerships with universities and IT training centers across the country, especially CodeGym Danang. This cooperation aims to share technical knowledge, create opportunities for young workers to enter the IT job market, and contribute to the further development and promotion of the national economy.

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