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Honored to welcome Mr.Tuskuno Motonori to Techzen

Today (July 3, 2023) Mr. Tsukuno Motonori, consultant for Ad-sol Asia company of Ad-sol Nissin group, visited Techzen company. This is a special and meaningful event for Techzen.

Mr. Tsukuno Motonori used to be the president of the Vietnam Jica Association. During his time in office, he received the Friendship Medal, a prestigious medal for foreigners who have made great contributions to building, strengthening and developing the friendship between Vietnam and countries around the world. Currently, Mr. Tsukuno Motonori is the bridge between Japan and Vietnam, contributing to many fields including the role of being the advisor of Ad-sol Asia company and the president of the NPO Association, the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association.

The meeting began with an introduction to Techzen, a company specializing in technology and product development. Mr. Le Duy Linh_CEO of Techzen detailed Techzen’s projects and achievements in the field of information technology and software. Mr. Tsukuno Motonori has shown interest in Techzen’s products and services.

The visit of Mr. Tsukuno Motonori has brought Techzen the honor and the opportunity to share knowledge and experience. Techzen hopes that this meeting will open up opportunities for cooperation and lead Techzen to new successes in the future.

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