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Opening ceremony of Techzen’s new office and announcement of investment cooperation between Techzen and Ad-sol Asia, part of Ad-sol Nissin Group

On September 13, The opening ceremony of the new office and the celebration of the capital alliance between Techzen & Adsol Asia, Inc. were held.

After more than one year from the official opening date, Techzen has been steadily stabilizing and opening new offices. with the goal of five years from now, Techzen hopes to further expand the current number of employees and offices. The ceremony also marked an important milestone in the company’s IT field of business, as Techzen and Adsol Asia (a subsidiary of Adsol Nissin Corporation) celebrated the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan.

During the ceremony, the presidents of both companies made significant announcements, and Mr. Le Duy Linh, President of Techzen, expressed his desire to further strengthen Techzen, increase the number of projects, and attract the potential clients from all over the world.

Besides, Mr. Shinozaki, President of Ad-sol Nissin Group, praised the talented and enthusiastic employees of Techzen. He expressed his expectation that the cooperation between Ad-sol Nissin and Techzen will become stronger, and that the two companies will continue to cooperate and support each other to develop and become one of the leading companies in the IT field. Kazushi Takahashi, President of Ad-sol Asia, also expressed his determination to mobilize the strength of Adsol Asia by setting a goal of increasing Techzen’s workforce to 300 employees in three years.

At Techzen, we believe that good people make good products. Our dream of contributing to the IT industry and fostering friendly relations between Vietnam and Japan is supported by passionate young individuals, skilled managers, and the great backing of Ad-sol Nissin Group.

Techzen – Good people make good products

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