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Techzen Company representative joining human resources exchange with Kansai region (Japan)

On the same day of July 3, 2023, Mr. Le Duy Linh_ CEO of Techzen was honored to attend the Human Resource Exchange with the Kansai region (Japan) and leaders of Da Nang City. This is a valuable opportunity for Techzen to meet and exchange ideas with leaders in city management and development.

The meeting took place in a professional venue, creating a conducive atmosphere for the exchange of information and ideas. The city leaders shared strategies on economic development, technology, and community development. Techzen representatives, Adsol-Asia CEO Mr. Takahashi, and Japanese expert Ms. Tsukino had the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the city’s priorities and goals. During the meeting, Techzen also had the opportunity to share about technology and smart solutions. The city leaders highly appreciated Techzen’s dedication and contributions.

The meeting ended in a positive atmosphere and promised to expand collaboration opportunities. Techzen is proud to be a positive contributor to the building of smart cities.

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