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The warm dinner between Techzen and JVCA guests from Japan

On the evening of August 10th, Techzen was delighted to welcome the distinguished guests from the Japan – Vietnam Culture Exchange Association (JVCA).

JVCA is a non-profit organization, operating in the fields of cultural exchange, education and training support, medical support, human resource development, and also an economic exchange bridge between Japan and Vietnam, JVCA plays an important role in building a good relationship between the two countries.

In an elegant and luxurious space, Techzen representatives had the opportunity to exchange and discuss the meaningful plans and activities of JVCA and, at the same time, listen to the interesting pieces story that our guests shared about the world tour of the members of the organization.

After the dinner, Techzen members had a good time at the concert ” VNSO HOLIDAY CONCERT 2023″ – one of the events actively sponsored by JVCA this summer.

On the occasion of the meeting, Techzen also expressed our wish to support and contribute somewhat to the development of the relationship between Vietnam and Japan. This has also been actively promoted by Techzen director – Mr. Le Duy Linh through many business activities, especially by participating in the interview for U40 of the Japanese Embassy on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan.

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