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Welcome director of Ad-sol Asia Company – Mr. Takahashi

On the afternoon of June 27, all Techzen employees were delighted to host a welcome party to welcome Mr. Kazushi Takahashi, CEO of Adsol-Asia, an important and highly respected member of the Adsol-Nissin Group. The welcome party was held in a warm and cozy atmosphere to show appreciation from the entire Techzen team.

Held in a specially designed and intimate space, the welcome party included a variety of activities and performances prepared to give Mr. Takahashi a memorable experience.

The welcome party included speeches from Techzen CEO_Mr. Linh and Mr. Takahashi. Following that, there were introductions of outstanding Techzen newcomers, technology exchange activities, introduction of Techzen’s technology products (TechChat and TechPoint), and games to enhance the atmosphere of the welcome party. In addition, delicious and attractive refreshments were prepared and enjoyed by our esteemed guests.

Through this welcoming reception, Techzen wanted to share its joy in building a long-term partnership with Ad-sol Nisshin and express Techzen’s commitment to the company. Techzen would like to take this opportunity to express our respect and gratitude to Mr. Takahashi and Ad-sol Nissin for trusting and choosing Techzen Company. With constant effort and far-sighted vision, Techzen hopes to develop this relationship into a successful cooperation that will benefit both parties.

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