Automatic Timekeeping by AI Camera

TechEyes utilizes AI technology for automatic employee attendance tracking within seconds, saving time and effort for both managers and employees. With AI camera, the system can recognize the face of each employee, determine their identities and auto-record their check-in and check-out at work.


Project Personnel Information Management

Efficiently managing human resources, TechChat helps businesses accurately and effortlessly organize personnel information on a per-project basis. Additionally, analyzing and evaluating employee performance per project enables optimized management and informed decision-making based on actual circumstances.


Managing Data Storage within Organization

TechFile is designed to help businesses manage and store internal documents securely, easily accessible and shared. With Techfile, you can easily search and access your internal documents, including employee records, company policies and procedures, customer records and other documents related to your business.


Employee Reward Management System

TechPoint provides exciting features where you can earn points and redeem them for gifts by meeting specific conditions and policies. TechPoint was born with the desire to contribute to building the culture for enterprises and bring happiness to employees after stressful working hours.


Online Education Support System

StudyArts is an online teaching and learning platform with full classroom and school management features which meets all the needs of schools, teachers and students. StudyArts is also a platform that supports companies by assessing staff capacity and through statistical results, providing the best solutions to maximize business development.

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