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Techzen welcomes representatives from Asuno System Company

On the morning of August 2nd, Techzen was delighted to welcome representatives from Asuno System to visit and learn about our company. This event holds great significance in helping Techzen establish a strong relationship with our partner.

The meeting took place in a comfortable atmosphere and was filled with laughter, starting with an interesting tour of Techzen’s office. During this visit, our guests were able to observe the dynamic working environment and interact with our young and passionate staff of the company.
Furthermore, they also learned about the projects that Techzen has been developing, typically Techpoint – a points exchange system for employees.

At the end of the visit, our guest from Asuno System had the chance to experience playing darts – one of the entertainment activities that helps Techzen’s employees relieve stress after working hours. Techzen hopes that this visit will give everyone an overview of the company and the good values that Techzen is aiming for.

Techzen – good people make good products

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