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Techzen’s Attractiveness and Expectations: 3 years from now on…

A Message from CEO of Ad-sol Asia Company, Techzen’s very first customer and best business partner

Techzen’s Attractiveness and Expectations: 3 Years from now on …

The “zen” in Techzen Company is taken from a Japanese Buddhist word “zen”. Zen can also be paraphrased as “the heart” in Japanese. When we asked Mr. Linh _ CEO of Techzen about the reason why he chose this word for the company name, he replied: “It’s because i believe that the appeal and strength of Japanese culture and their companies lies in “sincerity,” “hospitality,” and “the ability to carry on. This culture is based on the Theory of Good Human Nature, the culture that values “the others” and “the customers.” In Japan, this is not something that is specially taught, it is a common sense and value that is naturally developed in the society. Therefore, the products and services produced by Japanese companies are often of high quality, considerate even to the smallest detail, comfortable, and long-lasting. In his nearly 14-year working experience in Japan, including graduate school and employment with Japanese companies, CEO Linh has learned that the strength of Japan lies in its Zen “heart,” and he wants this “heart” to be an integral part of Techzen’s company culture.

He also learned about Japan’s weak points. Despite their sincerity and trustworthiness, they are slow to take on new challenges, fear of failure and criticism, as well as a little defensive, especially among younger employees of the same generation. This may be due to the fact that Japan is already an aging population with a declining birthrate.

Vietnam, on the other hand, is brimming with youthful energy. Especially since Techzen is a start-up company, every day is a challenge. We build our own products and services, including internal systems, and use them internally, which is our common practice to turn them into business services. It is a challenge for us to make these products and services into business.

Techzen is an IT company that specializes in Agile methodology, our company structure and operations are as well. As an organization, we’re not only create plans, but also focus on improvement while operating them.

Techzen is the combination of Japanese’s “Zen” culture and Vietnamese young talent who are willing to take on any challenge and move forward.

Techzen aims to be an innovator company that operates, manages and creates new products and services based on Agile method.

We expect and will support Techzen to grow into an innovator company that can access and do business globally from Da Nang, Vietnam in 3 years.

Ad-sol Asia Corp
Representative Director – Mr. Kazushi Takahashi

Techzen – Good people make good products

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